Over 100 clients
from all around the world
Figma, Zeppelin, Adobe XD, Marvel,
Axure, Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign,
About Me
My career started in 2008 in publishing house in Moscow. Since then I worked in several advertising agencies and became an independent contractor working remotely for clients from all around the world.  

My area of expertise includes UI/UX and visual design. Throughout my extensive experience I worked with printing, infographics and data visualization, developing brand identity, web and product design. I worked both with big IT brands and small innovative start-ups.

Currently, the field of my professional interests include product and visual design. I believe that combining my Master degree in psychology with 10 years of design practice, I can bring a unique input to a team. I apply my knowledge of human perception and cognition mechanisms to user-centred principles of UI/UX and product design.
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